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A timeline of future foods that weren’t

In 1894 they predicted we'd be eating 'beefsteak' in tablet form by now.In 1894 they predicted we’d be eating ‘beefsteak’ in tablet form by now.Science fiction isn’t the only source of comically weird predictions about what we’ll be eating in the future. Great (and not-so-great) minds in journalism and science have also spent a century forecasting the demise of meat and vegetables and the rise of foods in a pill – which always seem to be 50 to 100 years away. And then there were all those technological advances that were supposed to free women from the drudgery of cooking (never mind that men could pick up a spatula, too). Recently, Melbourne inventor Andrew Dyhin has worked out how to melt potatoes, creating what he considers the “food base for future food”. Here’s a look back at the future of food. More

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