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UK: Soil secrets of versatile crop with so many varieties

Agriculture director James Hopwood, of Ibbotson Potatoes, Colton, near Tadcaster.  Pictures: James Hardisty.What’s the connection between potatoes and Sir David Brailsford the Olympic cycling coach? James Hopwood, agricultural director of Ibboston Produce in Colton near Tadcaster believes that the knight of the realm and the huge food and farming sector that sees plates adorned with boiled, mashed, jacketed and roasted varieties, chips, crisps and wedges have a common thread.“We are all looking at the power of marginal gain, that bit extra whether it’s an athlete improving their chance of winning a gold medal or in our case adding value to produce. “Just as you would look at cyclists, runners, jumpers or swimmers and analyse where they can add what will make that difference the same is true in looking at each type of potato and the soil.” More

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