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Would You Pay $56 for Five Potato Chips?

five potato chips, $56 potato chipsBeer and crisp, salty potato chips are a pretty obvious culinary match, but one brewery has taken it to a seriously pricey level. A Swedish brewery called St. Eriks has paired its craft-brewed pale ale with specially formulated potato chips — a set of five that cost $56. No, not five bags of chips for 499 Swedish krona, equivalent to $56. Five single chips. Five! And that doesn’t even include shipping! And get this: The brewery completely sold out of all 100 boxes of the expensive spud slices. The recipe was created by chef Pi Le, who made each chip by hand. The hefty price tag doesn’t just come about because of the notoriously high prices of the Scandinavian countries — nor is this some sort of government scheme to have snack food pay for universal health care and parental leave. More

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