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Unusual Market Dynamics in Northern-European Potato Trade

Currency and supply dynamics are affecting the relative price of British processing potatoes compared to supplies from Belgium and the Netherlands, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). “Presently the ex-farm value of GB processing potatoes sits at EUR70–EUR80 per tonne lower than comparable Belgian and Dutch quotes – an unusual position for the GB crop compared with previous years’ prices,” said Arthur Marshall, Market Intelligence analyst for AHDB. Last season, ex-farm prices for Belgian and Dutch processing varieties were either fairly similar or the GB price point was higher. “The price gap has grown dramatically in the last couple of weeks due to Belgian and Dutch prices rising, alongside the falling value of sterling – making GB prices lower in euro terms,” Marshall adds. An extremely tight supply situation on the continent is serving to bolster the price of processing varieties there. More

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