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India: Mahindra HZPC opens minituber lab – Aeroponics facility to provide top quality seed potatoes

Last week, MHZPC, a 60/40 joint venture between Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited (MASL) and HZPC Holding BV, started a new, particularly modern, miniature tuber laboratory in Mohali, located in the vicinity of the city of Chandigarh in Punjab, Northern India. This facility has been opened by Mr Stoelinga, Ambassador for the Netherlands in India, in the presence of Mr Ashok Sharma, MD and CEO-MASL and Mr Gerard Backx, CEO HZPC Holding BV. This new facility will produce high-quality miniature tubers by using an innovative process and the latest technology. These miniature tubers will be used for the production of high-quality potatoes for Indian consumers. CEO HZPC, Mr Gerard Backx says: “HZPC exports its strains to various places all over the world. Because we cannot export potatoes to India, we produce miniature tubers in India. In this manner, agriculturalists and consumers can use the genetics of HZPC for local production. The new HZPC strains will ensure higher yields and better-quality potatoes.This laboratory allows us to produce many more miniature tubers than is currently possible, by using modern techniques.” More

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