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Idaho Potato Commission’s newest commercial set to air nationwide

Does the real Idaho Potato Farmer finally find his missing truck? Find out by watching the new commercial featuring Farmer Mark and the Big Idaho Potato Truck. It will air on national cable networks — including The Food Network, CNN, Headline News, Fox News and The History and Cooking Channels — beginning Nov. 11. The commercials made their debut five years ago during the first Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour. This year marks the sixth installment of the Idaho Potato Commission’s wildly popular television commercials starring Farmer Mark and his on-going search for the elusive Big Idaho Potato Truck. “Since we launched the campaign five years ago, we’ve received thousands of calls from folks located all across the country with updates on the truck’s whereabouts,” Frank Muir, president and chief executive officer, said in a press release. “One of the reasons the commercials have been so effective is because of the incredible consumer engagement component reinforced by the truck’s nationwide tour when it was seen by tens of millions of people of all ages.” More

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