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US: Potato growers support passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership

The National Potato Council supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and believes that passage is necessary during the final days of the 114th Congress. TPP includes tariff reductions that are critical to growth in exports of fresh, dehydrated and frozen potato products. Without those tariff reductions, competitors that have or are currently negotiating deals with the TPP trading block have a strong competitive advantage. “The U.S. potato industry can compete with worldwide growers, processors and distributors if the playing field is level,” said NPC Vice President for Trade Cully Easterday. “The TPP tariff reductions in our key markets, including Japan and Vietnam, allow us to go head-to-head with our foreign competitors and successfully win the business.” 

The International Trade Commission’s report this summer confirmed that lower tariffs on exports would allow potato growers and exporters to meet the rising demand in the Asia-Pacific region by making U.S. potatoes and potato products more competitive in those markets.

NPC applauds the hard work done by U.S. trade officials to complete this landmark trade deal. The potato industry will benefit greatly from the opportunities the agreement provides. “The time is now to finally approve this historic agreement. Let’s not allow the work done to this point to fade away,” said NPC Executive Vice President and CEO John Keeling.

The National Potato Council is the advocate for the economic well-being of U.S. potato growers on federal legislative, regulatory, environmental, and trade issues. NPC supports the U.S. potato industry by monitoring issues affecting the strength and viability of the potato industry, influencing regulators and legislators on issues crucial to the industry’s long term success, ensuring fair market access for potatoes and potato products, and bringing the unique issues and interests of diverse growing regions in the U.S. together on a national level.

Source: The National Potato Council

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