Jantz Canada introduces heavy duty bin tipper for the fresh produce industry

Jantz Canada introduces heavy duty bin tipper for the fresh produce industryWorking with Grimmway farms in the US, Jantz Canada has developed the industries benchmark in bin tipping technology. With over a year of research, design and prototyping the result is both elegant and able to withstand the demands of daily industrial use. There are several features which sets this tipper apart from others on the market explains Jantz president Robert Peto. Firstly it is electrically powered not hydraulic. This allows for infinitely fine control throughout the entire dump cycle. This also means the product can be quickly lifted then slowed for the actual dump portion of the cycle. This is traditionally something that is next to impossible to effectively achieve with hydraulics. Secondly the system is sanitary; there are no lines or pumps to leak oil onto the product or the floor as is always the eventuality of hydraulic systems. More

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