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Annual Report 2015/2016: HZPC benefits from European market recovery and international market efforts

HZPC Holland BVThe annual report of HZPC Holland B.V. related to financial year 2015/16 was published. As announced in October, the consolidated net turnover of annual year 2015/16  was established at € 289.5 million. The gross margin is € 48.1 million and the net result is € 7.0 million. The dividend on HZPC certificates is set at € 5.75 and this is well above the five years average of € 4.60. HZPC benefited from the European market recovery, but also from the company’s efforts on the international markets which resulted in increased licence income at other continents. In the current season 2016/17 there is lower yields in The Netherlands, but not throughout Europe. Demand is expected to be similar to season 2015/16. Trade with the Middle East remains to be challenging and uncertain because of political and economical uncertainties. Read the digital annual report on  Watch the video with the highlights of the report here.

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