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Warnez introduces packaging in ‘grab & go’ category: New transparent upright packaging for potatoes

“The trend for smaller packaging has been happening for a while. We always want to help our customers find new solutions. In order to catch the eye and be distinctive in this specific segment on the potato shelves, the choice was made to use an upright bag this time. This is being used more and more often within the fresh produce sector,” says Peter van Steenkiste from Warnez. “As pioneers in the segment of small potato packaging, we recently introduced this new packaging.” Van Steenkiste emphasises that the upright bag for potatoes is new on the Belgian potato market. “We saw this kind of packaging at the Fruit Logistica several years ago and we also regularly saw this upright bag via photo reports on But it is still relatively unknown on the potato market. That is why we introduced this new packaging in consultation with a retailer. The upright bag concerned is partially transparent and holds one kilogram of potatoes.” 

Van Steenkiste explains that this packaging offers many advantages, both for consumers and retailers. “The bags are part of the ‘grab & go’ category: they have been shaped in such a way that they can be placed upright, and the handle invites shoppers to pick up the bags. In principle, the bags can also be hung up on shelves or in displays. The bags are very firm, which means they will practically never break in shops. The user-friendly packaging can also be resealed.”
According to Van Steenkiste, the visibility of the product can also be played with very well. “It is a flexible packaging with variations, such as perforations, the colouring of transparent areas, or the building in of filters for optimum shelf life. The clearness of the print on this type of film is ideal for us. The bag can easily be laminated, allowing for multiple looks. Because of this, the bags can look both fresh and modern, but they can also look authentic when paper lamination is used. The packaging can also be easily used in microwave ovens, and barrier layers can be easily integrated.”
Van Steenkiste continues: “To us as packager, the use of pre-shaped packaging is also advantageous because we experience very little loss in the packing machine. Various units of weight or shape of packaging can be filled at high speeds without too many adjustments. The packing machine has also been set up in such a way that adjustments can easily be made to or in the packaging. These kinds of factors offer perspectives for the future.”
For more information:
Peter Van Steenkiste
Warnez NV
M +32 495 48 79 66
Marialoopsesteenweg 2L
8700 Tielt – Belgium

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