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Japan’s new “wet potato chips” — A moist revolution or soggy defeat?

New: 'WET Potato Chips'! In Japan of course...Snack food company Calbee is playing with fire by expecting people to swallow their new concept potato chips: “Wet Potato, Moist Mild Soy Sauce Flavor.” It is no exaggeration to say that a potato chip is not a potato chip without a crispy texture. It’s like a beach ball without air or Pell’s equation without ny2: It simply ceases to be. Heck, the British even call the darn things “crisps.” And yet, here comes Japanese snack producer Calbee, who thinks they’re just going to sell us “wet” potato chips like it’s no big deal. Especially around RocketNews24, where we love potato chips and have the high triglyceride counts to prove it, this news was deeply troubling, so we sent Mr. Sato to investigate. More

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