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UK: Potato soil pest survey launched

A nationwide potato growers’ surveyis set to evaluate the wider implications of key soil pest issues and assess whether growers are winning the battle against losses, or identify whether problems are getting progressively worse. the survey seeks to evaluate how growers perceive the effectiveness of current integrated pest management (IPM) measures in the field, and the impacts that adopting new practices have on profitable potato production, said Syngenta potato campaign manager, Mark Britton. The recent AHDB-funded survey has given a good snapshot of PCN incidence but it is crucial to now assess how growers view the control options available, and how that impacts on the complex interaction of all soil pests in practice,” said Mr Britton. The questions have been designed to focus on current practical and financial implications for growers, but would also help to shape future research and trials’ priorities to develop appropriate solutions, said Mr Britton. More

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