New line of sorting machines from Bijlsma Hercules

Bijlsma Hercules has brought a new line of sorting machines on the market. The refined electronic drive is what makes these machines special, allowing for more accurate sorting of the potatoes. The new shaking sorters are equipped with four or five screen covers one on top of the other. “Because of this, a screen cleaner can be used underneath the screen covers. Because of this, the screens will not be filled, allowing for maximum screening capacity, and optimum accuracy,” says John Maljaars from Bijlsma Hercules. Two designs are available. The sorting machine of 1.30 metres wide is mostly used in the world of seed potatoes, and the larger machine of 1.60 metres wide is mostly used by small packers, the chips industry and large seed cultivators. The machine is provided with an electronic drive with touchscreen controls. It is possible to put in the strain to be sorted in advance, and the machine will automatically adjust its speeds. “This creates an optimum shaking frequency for the strain, which helps the accuracy of the sorting. For example, a round potato needs a different frequency in order to fall through the screen than an oval potato.” Maljaars explains that the frequencies were manually taken care of with the older machines. More

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