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Niche potatoes boost potato demand in Sweden

Potato demand in Sweden has been on the rise in the last two years, despite seeing some setbacks in 2010/11 when reports about the GI (Glycemic Index) were flooding the news, causing consumers to think twice about how potatoes fit into a healthy lifestyle. “It was really tough there for a while when all of the GI reports came out, but I am happy to say that the future is looking a lot brighter. I think that the unique potato varieties have been generating a lot of renewed interest. We have a younger generation of consumers who are really tuned in and once they become interested in something, they really want to explore and learn everything about it. I have also found that once they try something they like, they keep on coming back for more.” said Anders Ericsson, from LEV & Co. One of the newer niche varieties that has been getting a lot of attention on social media is the Apache potato. Launched exclusively for Swedish retailers and food service 5 years ago by LEV & Co, in cooperation with Scottish potato producer Albert Bartlett, the speckled red and white potatoes can be found exclusively in major Swedish retailer ICA. More

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