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Potato Storage: Ventilating correctly after cool-down pays off

Image result for potato storageAdequate ventilation, done in order to manage the by-products of respiration and maintain a uniform pile temperature, is critical to managing one’s potato pile through long-term storage. Yet, over-ventilation can cause significant quality and weight loss, as well as increasing power consumption unnecessarily. Potato tubers oxidize glucose in their mitochondria to produce the nutrients that keep them viable through dormancy. Successful long-term tuber storage depends on maintaining a uniform humidity and temperature throughout the pile. The ideal relative humidity for dry, healthy tubers is 92 to 97 per cent, and 80 to 90 per cent for wet, leaky tubers. For most varieties and end-uses, the temperature differential between the top and bottom of an 18’ pile should not exceed 1.5 C (2.7 F). Certain processing varieties require a smaller differential. Consult with industry experts to determine differential recommendations for your varieties. More.
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