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Canada: ‘Storm chips’ help Maritimers weather winter storms

New Brunswick’s Covered Bridge has capitalized on the trend by creating their own brand of Storm Chips with four top-selling varities.When the skies turn grey and the wind howls along the eastern coastline, shoppers head to supermarkets and convenience stores to stock up on the essentials. Unsurprisingly, bottled water, bread and toilet paper disappear from the shelves. But in the Atlantic provinces, there’s a new bad-weather staple: storm chips. Maritimers can tell when a storm is on the horizon by the state of the snack-food aisle. Chip shelves are ravaged, with a few forlorn bags left askew in the wake. It’s become such a phenomenon that Instagram and Twitter are full of storm-chip stories – finding your favourite flavour in the fray, or pictures showcasing the aftermath of a snack binge. Haligonian Janice Fuller recalls learning about the trend on social media, and now instinctively stocks up on snacks whenever there’s a storm warning. “We in the Maritimes are known for being friendly, unpretentious, and maybe a bit self-deprecating,” Fuller said. “Chips are both cheap and tasty, basically as unpretentious as you can get. ‘Storm pâté’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.” More

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