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McDonalds’ crackdown on ‘cancer-causing’ chemical – as nanny state warns of link between fries and killer disease

McDonald's it has been taking measures to reduce acrylamide, which health officials warned this week could increase a person's risk of cancerMcDonald’s said today it has been taking steps to reduce levels of acrylamide in its food for ten years. Earlier this week the Food Standards Agency warned high levels of the toxic chemical in fries, toast and other carbs could increase the risk of developing cancer. Animal studies have shown a link, but critics erupted with anger at the “nanny state” campaign, pointing out no study has found any such link in humans. A chemical reaction causes acrylamide to form when sugars and proteins in starchy foods are cooked at temperatures in excess of 120°C. The FSA said people should not keep potatoes in the fridge, because cold temperatures increase the risk of acrylamide formation – and the longer potatoes are kept the greater the risk too, their experts said. They said people should follow cooking instructions and aim for chips and toast to be a golden brown, but to avoid crispy, burned food. More

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