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France: UNPT discusses future of potato sector

The UNPT (National potato producers union) presented the results of a study carried out alongside FranceAgriMer on the prospectives of global exchange by 2025 on the 24th January during their 14th convention. Geoffrey d’Evry, their Vice President, explains that “Since 2010, we have seen a faster acceleration in the the offer than in the demand”. The aim is to find more outlets by 2025 for this increase in production. By 2025, potato consumption is expected to increase by 20%. This will be due to an increase in potato consumption in emerging and developing countries, notably in Asia and particularly in the processed potato sector. The study shows that countries in Central America, South East Asia and the Middle East will be unprofitable, to the advantage of the EU, North America, India and Egypt. This situation would allow France to double their exports and reduce losses on processed potatoes. Estimates see production in 2025 reaching 6.3 million tons, i.e. 1.1 million tons more than between 2011-2013. A 10-15,000 hectare increase is expected. More

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