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Gold drapes and potato chips: White House changes courtesy of President Trump

President Donald Trump has clocked nearly a week in the White House, which has many wondering: What exactly does he think of his new digs? After all, this is a man renowned for splitting his time between a gold-covered penthouse in Manhattan and a gold-covered mansion in Palm Beach, FL. The initial verdict: Overall, the 45th president seems pretty darn awestruck! Still, Trump has never been one to leave well enough alone, so he’s begun the (long?) process of leaving his distinctive mark on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. When Trump gets the munchies, he craves Lay’s potato chips. According to the New York Times, this classic salty snack was a staple on his private plane, so it’s no surprise that he demanded his private kitchen be well-stocked. It’s a big change from the healthy treats that were a fixture when Barack Obama and George W. Bush were in residence. But Trump might want to add a few celery sticks into the mix due to the cardio demands of the new gig: Trump has marveled at how far he must walk in the White House for meetings in far-off rooms. More

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