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Potato Conference for Washington and Oregon

Last week, many potato growers from across the state as well as Oregon gathered at the Washington-Oregon Potato Conference which was held in Kennewick at the Three Rivers Convention Center. Field Reporter KayDee Gilkey visited with BASF Technical Service Representative Curtis Rainbolt about disease solutions offered through BASF’s total potato protection portfolio. Rainbolt: “Priaxor fungicide is one of the newest products BASF has in our potato portfolio and it offers really good control of rhizoctonia in furrow at planting. Priaxor funcide has two modes of action — both a group seven and a group eleven fungicide. Both are active against a wide range of pathogens and will give you really good disease control. But the group eleven in Priaxor is known for its plant health benefits which can help with periods of heat and water stress in the plants.” More

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