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US: Associated Growers sees mixed results for the red potato market

Associated-Paul-Dolan“For the growers that had potatoes, it will be a decent year,” said Paul Dolan, the manager of Associated Potato Growers Inc. Having potatoes if you’re a Red River Valley grower wasn’t necessarily a given for the 2016 crop. The river valley that runs between North Dakota and Minnesota was plagued by rain in the fall and then more rain — and mud — at harvest time. It was so muddy that even the most macho field equipment couldn’t conquer the mire. Dolan said after many spuds were entombed for a certain length of time, the quality was beyond hope and the potatoes were left in the field. On the other hand, in the Grand Forks, ND, growing area to the south of the district, the losses weren’t as bad. Red River Valley growers will be watching Florida for new crop red potato supplies. Florida’s growing weather had been good at least for the early part of the weather. Of course Florida potato availability will be influencing market prices. More

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