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Vietnam potato industry will continue

The cliché of Asian agriculture is endless fields with rice. But the project ‘Growing out of poverty with the potato’ is trying to make Vietnam self-sufficient in the production of potatoes. Interestingly, the project involves the whole chain from producer to consumer. This benefits Vietnam in many ways. The revitalizing of the humble Vietnamese potato industry increases the standard of life of the producers and improves the food variety of the citizens. The continuation of the industry improves food safety, makes Vietnam less dependent on massive potato imports and it is beneficial to the sustainability. “Everything is right,” says director of Marketing and Business Development, Sigrid Wertheim-Heck of Fresh Studio. “It is a solid and inspiring project. I believe in it.” The project comprises three components. “For the production, we have introduced new varieties and sustainable production techniques with 2500 producers. We also help with education and the organization of their businesses. With simple machines, we lighten the workload.” More

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