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‘Significantly fewer free potatoes on lazy and expensive market’

The potato market has had high prices all season. “For us it is our first year after launching Flevostar Potato, and it is a special year at that,” says William Verhage. “The market currently might be somewhat lazy and expensive, but on the other hand, there is work to be done in every field. If you manage to be distinctive, buyers will know how to find you.” “There is a demand for good quality potatoes on the domestic market, and good prices are paid for those as well. We are starting to run out of the great quality though, and that is why we have to bridge another period before the volumes of imported potatoes arrive,” William continues. “Industry is keeping calm because the contracts have run their course. But I personally think that if you can still get 24-25 cents for your potatoes at this moment, you cannot be doing much wrong. However, there are significantly fewer free potatoes than there were last year.” More

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