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NL, Europe: “Good demand for industrial potatoes”

“There is a tension in the potato market. On the one hand, cultivators do not want to ‘let go’ of their ‘regular’ table potatoes at too low a price for export, and on the other hand, importers do not want to pay too much for table potatoes. Price requests are being made by, for example, Romanian importers, but they give up when they hear what the prices are, and then they go to other countries, such as Germany and Eastern European countries, where the potatoes are much cheaper,” says Jurgen Duthoo from Bart’s Potato Company. “They are looking for the cheapest option and they will not find that with us.”
“Regarding potatoes suitable for the frozen industry, for chips processing, it is going very well, and the export too, good prices are given for those. There is definitely movement on the market for potatoes suitable for chips.” More

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