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Europe, China: Aviko announced a €200 million investment to add potato processing capacity

Aviko announced a €200m investment to add extra potato processing capacityAviko, one of the top potato processing companies in Europe, plans to invest € 200 million (USD 210 million) in new and existing production plants. Currently, all Aviko’s production facilities are running at full capacity and the company needs to process more potatoes. Aviko expects this strong international demand for french fries and potato products is there to stay. At a press conference yesterday at the agricultural coop Royal Cosun, parent of Aviko, a master plan for a series of investments was announced. This year € 70 million will be invested in the expansion and improvement of Aviko’s plants, an amount that will increase to a total of € 200 million in the next few years. Aviko operates five potato processing plants in the Netherlands and seven outside the country, including two in China. Management has high expectations of the two Joint Ventures it participates in in China. Aviko employs over 2000 people and processes 1.6 million tonnes of potatoes annually. More

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