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‘FailChips’ want you to enjoy the “best” part of potato chips: The crumbs

unspecified-4Many modern-day snackers claim the best part of a bag of potato chips to be the crumbs left behind, after all the chips have been devoured. ‘FailChips’ is cashing in on that notion with its new line of packaged pieces. FailChips are essentially standard, flavored potato chips ‘crushed to imperfection’ and bagged for your salt-craving pleasure. The idea for the product dances along the line between “gourmet snack fads” and “authentic foodie culture,” that is, according to its parent, MailChimp. The company has partnered up with VICE Media to explore the intersection of these subjects in VICE’s newest documentary, FailChips, with the examination of potato chips as a whole being the focus at hand. More. Watch video

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