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China predicts huge growth thanks to potatoes

China predicts huge growth thanks to potatoes, with the current Five-Year Plan recognizing the crop as one of the country’s four staple foods alongside rice, grains, and corn. The government plan is to focus on these staples in order to ensure the Chinese of food safety and security. Identifying potatoes as China’s fourth staple food has been long overdue. Although potatoes have historically been part of China’s various regional cuisines, their inclusion as a staple rarely happens in Chinese households, China Daily reported. The Communist Party of China (CPC) clearly defines food safety and security as among its top agendas in the present Five-Year Plan, which targets 6.67 hectares dedicated to potato production by 2020. The Ministry of Agriculture envisions potatoes will constitute 30 percent of China’s food. Chinese potato scientists also recently produced virus-resistant potatoes, which are capable of 30-50 percent higher yields compared to ordinary counterparts. More

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