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Kenya: Potato processors contract 23,000 farmers to meet consumer demand

Alice Nyaguthii, who once lived and farmed in the forest but is now a squatter in Kabiruini, Ruturu in Nyeri County plants a tree in a potato farm in Hombe forest.Some 23,000 farmers in 13 potato-producing counties have signed contracts with various processors in Kenya to buy the produce to supply enough food to consumers. Grow Africa’s Leah Kasera said, “Potato processors have committed to purchase 2,650 metric tonnes per month to meet consumer demand and this is expected to streamline the potato value chain to benefit farmers and processors.” She said they want to meet the target of 63,600 tonnes for the next 24 months. Kasera spoke during the first ever Nyandarua Potato Fair held at the Agriculture Training Centre in Oljoro Orok, Nyandarua, at the weekend. According to the National Potato Council of Kenya, Kenya’s potato value chain involves approximately 2.7 million people among them 800,000 smallholder farmers and it contributes to more than Sh50 billion to the economy. More

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