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In conversation with Mr. José Antonio Andreu, HZPC grower in Argentina

I come from a small farming family that started as bell pepper growers in a rented 2 hectare farm where we worked the land alongside our parents, my 6 sisters, 3 brothers and I. Back then we had to do all farming chores manually. No mechanical equipment was available. Horses were the only help in ploughing and cultivation. We had to work really very, very hard and working prevailed over anything else. Today, Mr Andreu’s operation cultivates 800 hectares of potatoes, of which 75% is grown under pressurized irrigation systems. His operation started working with HZPC 6 years ago by testing new varieties. Sagitta emerged as a very promising alternative to the most common variety Spunta. Sagitta is very suitable as a winter crop in Argentina. More

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