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Already millions lost due to extreme drought in Belgium; early potatoes suffering

During the months of March, April and May, there was much less precipitation than usually. The current month, June, is also very dry so far. Very warm weather has been forecast for this week. The influence on the cultivations is large, and there are many complaints from the potato and fruit sector. In Flanders, the potato sector is already talking about nearly 15 million euro lost. For all agricultural products combined, the Flemish government is talking about nearly 190 million euro. According to Romain Cools of Belgapom, especially early potatoes in sandy soil were affected by the heat and drought. “These early potatoes bridge the old and new season, and are contracted in moderation. It mostly concerns vegetable growers in West-Flanders for who these potatoes are an in-between cultivation. This region issued an irrigation ban just last week, which can influence the yield of potato and vegetable crops even more. In early potatoes, people are talking about a yield loss of 25 per cent.” More

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