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Spanish potatoes sold on Amazon

Innovating, modernising, profitability, adapting to the consumer of the 21st century… these are some of the concepts that are always mentioned in any forum addressing the agro-food industry and looking to the future. According to Juan Manuel Coello, Operations Director of Patatas Meléndez, “It is undoubtedly certain that the mindset of the current buyer is very different to that of previous times, and we have to adapt to new forms of consumption, current trends in food or new purchasing systems.” In this sense, Patatas Meléndez started selling some of its products through Amazon a little over a month ago. “It’s been a long process. We’ve been negotiating with them for three months, showing them that we meet their requirements. It’s an attractive new option and we believe that, with time, it will attract many customers.” Moreover, the company is selling three formats that seek to satisfy different market trends, thus offering the producer new options, new varieties and new ways of working with a more than interesting profitability.

Firstly, firm-fleshed potatoes, which are especially demanded in the European market, making exports the most interesting option, according to Coello. “These are sold in one kilo nets; very comfortable to carry, with tubers of between 28 and 40 mm, ideal for boiling. We are already testing them in plantations of Segovia, Valladolid and Zamora.”
Secondly, “There is a 3 kilo format which we call Patata del Terruño (Potato from the Land), with brushed potatoes of more rustic varieties, such as the Ágata, demanded by the consumer for their culinary value.”
And lastly, there is “A commitment to organic potatoes, which we will offer in 1.5 kilo bags. This is a growing market, which we find interesting and in which we want to take part. Right now we are bringing the product from Andalusia, but as soon as there is production in Castile-Leon, we will pack those local ones.”

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