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More British crisps coming to the United States: Pipers Crisps potato chips

More British Crisps coming to the United States: Pipers Crisps Potato ChipsThe award-winning British Pipers Crisps potato chips will now be enjoyed by more Americans. It is the newest brand to partner with the Liberty Richter division of World Finer Foods, a premier marketer of imported and domestic specialty foods in the U.S. Pipers Crisp Co. was founded by three British farmers with the aim of making potato chips just as they should taste. And, since they began in 2004, UK potato chip fans haven’t been able to get enough of Pipers Crisp Co. specialty chips. These are hand-fried at the optimal temperature and duration for perfect crispness, then dressed with authentic, sustainably-sourced seasonings from around the world. These include spices from India, herbs from Morocco, cheese, charcuterie and cider from England. More

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