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Blogger reveals inconsistencies in study on fried potatoes and mortality

Image result for fried potatoesOn July 5th, author and food blogger, Marion Nestle, posted a blog report that pointed out inconsistencies in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on the potentially negative health effects of eating fried potatoes.  Some news outlets ran with inflammatory headlines on the study without digging into the details of how it was conducted and what the results showed. Nestle pointed out that the epidemiological study (based on recollections of food intake on questionnaires) indicated that the arthritis suffers who were studied showed higher than normal mortality rates based on their consumption of fried potatoes.  When looking at consumption of fried potatoes, Nestle points out that “the results are not cleanly dose-related; mortality rates were higher among people reporting friend potatoes twice a week than those reporting more.” The obvious flaws in the study made her appropriately skeptical of the headlines it ultimately generated. In closing, she stated “This is a lot to blame on one food…put French fries in your once-in-a-while category.  I’m saving my allotment for the Belgian ones.” (Source: National Potato Council Insider Report. Ms Nestle’s blog report)

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