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Image result for potato europe 2017 imageThe 2017 edition of Potato Europe will take place on 13 and 14 September in Emmeloord’s World Potato City in the Netherlands. The theme of the 2017 edition of PotatoEurope is ‘Potatoes feed/meet the world’. It features 250 exhibitors and offers many opportunities to gain practical knowledge. The trade show hosts a wealth of demonstrations, showing how the international potato world is preparing for a sustainable future with the help of technological advancements. In less than three months’ time, a predicted 15,000 visitors can watch potato harvesters, transport vehicles, tractors, storage machinery and box filling equipment – all live in action! In addition, the trial fields provide a treasure trove of information. During the event, there will be live demonstrations of the potato harvesters of the AVR, DeWulf-Miedema, Grimme, Ropa, Ploeger, VSS, Scanstone, and Veenma brands. After harvesting, the potatoes will then be transported from the field to the storage-machinery and box-filling demonstrations using tipper lorries of the Fliegl, Jeantile, Beboma, Joskin, Areko, Dezeure and Agroliner brands. 

During the storage demonstrations, machinery of the brands Dewurf-Miedema, AVR, Bijlsma Hercules, Prinsen-Visser, Van Trier, Grimme and Downs will swing into action.

The box-filling demonstrations are unique for this edition of the event, and visitors can see interesting demonstrations of the brands Bijlsma-Hercules, Mechatec, Tong Engineering, DeWulf-Miedema, Van Hees and Prinsen.

Trial fields

In the centre of the event site, ten trial fields have been laid out by the companies Vandinter Semo, Schaap Holland, Certis Europe, BASF, Belchim Crop Protection, Bayer, Agrifirm, Eurochem Agro, Kreglinger, ADAMA and Caithness Potatoes, who will all be showing a wide range of activities.

For example Vandinter Semo, a breeding station for crucifers (also known as trap crops), will show on its trial field specific crops that can control the nematodes that threaten the cultivation of potatoes. The company doesn’t claim to offer the solution for all nematode problems. Instead it will show that, by effectively using the right green manure crop, growers are able to reduce nematode populations to below the damage threshold.

On the Schaap Holland trial field at PotatoEurope, the company from Biddinghuizen will show visitors that it can also provide a wide and versatile range of seed potatoes for the national and international potato sector. In that context, the company has planted the following varieties: Amora, Arcade, BH 07 100, Ibiza, BH 01 30, Aromata, JDS 07 p1, Sevilla, Maritiema, Alexia, Cartagena, Valencia and Gerona.

On the Certis Europe trial field, the company will be showing the control of second growth of several varieties that either were or weren’t treated with the Crown MH germination regulator in 2016. In addition, Certis will present the effect of its Quickdown product both for pre-emergence weed control and as a haulm destroyer.

During PotatoEurope BASF will focus on the new dormancy extender 1,4SIGHT. This inhibitor has a natural origin and can keep potatoes dormant for a long period of time without any quality loss. In addition to sprouting regulation, BASF is also active in developing new fungicides. On its trial field, the company will present a new product against Rhizoctonia.

Belchim Crop Protection is launching Beloukha this year as a new haulm destroyer in potatoes. The company describes this as a product based on pelargonic acid (which is also known as nonanoic acid). Beloukha has a natural origin, is quick-acting on contact and does not leave any residue.

On its trial field, Bayer wants to show that it is possible to achieve a balance between providing sufficient and healthy food for the growing world population, and sustainable agriculture. According to the company, the combination of high-quality varieties, correctly applied organic and chemical crop protection products, decision-supporting systems and collaboration forms the basis for sustainable agriculture. During PotatoEurope Bayer will be showcasing a number of new, sustainable advancements, both at its stand and out in the demonstration field. For example, Bayer will present new developments in the domain of weed control as well as a new organic solution for the control of Rhizoctonia. Last but not least, the company will also be focusing on Phytophthora and the role of Infinito in controlling it.

Agrifirm is introducing its new fertilisation concept for coated fertilisers in potatoes during PotatoEurope. The company has spent the past three years researching the application of coated fertilisers in potatoes and its findings show that they significantly improve the nitrogen efficiency. The nutrients are released gradually as a result of the coating. This prevents nitrogen being washed away and reduces the number of spreading sessions needed. Another area of focus will be crop protection applications that help to raise the yield. The ‘Spuitweerwijzer’ app and the ‘BeperkVirus’ app provide advice about the right time of the day/week to deploy crop protection agents in order to reduce the amount of agent needed and to achieve the crucial and optimal duration of impact. Furthermore, the new Phytophthora application offers growers the opportunity for a preventive crop management strategy that results in the adequate utilisation and choice of products. Last but not least, Agrifirm will be showcasing green manure crops that are suitable for every crop production objective.

Eurochem Agro is showcasing a broad spectrum of trials related to nitrogen fertilisers with and without various nitrification inhibitors.

The final two companies in the trial fields are ADAMA and Caithness Potatoes, demonstrating talents from two different worlds. In addition to upcoming and existing varieties from Caithness Potatoes, the duo will also explain how to alter the number of tubers of the varieties using ADAMA’s germination regulator Talent in comparison with mechanical cooling. Talent is an agent based on caraway oil, an essential oil. For the entire storage season, Talent is misted in the storage area with forced ventilation. This puts an end to top sprout dominance and increases the likelihood of more germination in more eyes which will produce more sprouts and thus result in more tubers. It is not unusual to see 10%-plus increase in the yield in the seedling level. On the other side of the trial field is an assortment of varieties from Caithness Potatoes. The company’s flagship variety remains the farmer’s potato called Valor: a strong grower with a high yield. Other varieties on display include Argos, Divaa, Marvel and Celine as well as the newcomers Libertie, WW 09-94 and Marcelle. Marcelle has additional Y-virus resistance, making it good to breed in countries under high virus pressure. The Phytophthora-resistant varieties Cammeo, Passion and Tentation will be on display, which are interesting for both the regular and the organic sector.


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