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Gpi and Kiremko deliver batter line installation for french fry coating

According to a report published online by Potato Business, Gpi and Kiremko worked together on designing and building a complete batter line that can produce liquid batter for the coating french fries. This liquid batter will be applied in a thin layer on the fries before they are baked. This ‘battering’ or ‘coating’ of chips is done to give the fries certain additional properties, such as crispness, the color, the taste or staying warm longer. The batter line will be added to large industrial ovens with a capacity of 10,000-20,000 kg of fries per hour. The batter line consists of:

  • A powder deposit – 20 kg bags are deposited in a cabinet;
  • A powder conveyor system to the powder hoppers;
  • A mixer in which the powder is mixed with water;
  • Two buffer gas tanks where the coating fluid is stored and treated;
  • Various pumps and piping works for the pumping of the fluid;
  • A circulation tank from which the batter liquid is being pumped to the French fries oven through coolers.

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