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US: Traceability products to help you track produce

One way to ease the process of a food safety recall is by having detailed records of where each crop has been and who has touched it. In this article published by Growing Produce, some traceability products using the latest technology are featured. Food Origins offers precision harvest data in real time that can be captured with a handheld device in the field. iFood Decision Sciences’ Toolbox makes data collection and analysis easier for growers, harvesters, shippers, packers, third-party suppliers, and processors. Inteligistics offers temperature monitoring, humidity visibility, and product tracking. A sensor tracks the product from the field to the cooling and shipping process, and even to the retail store shelves. is a web-based warehouse management system designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. Produce Pro Software provides growers with a 360-degree view; including acreage, labor costs, crop types, materials, equipment, spraying schedules, harvest, and individual plantings. T3 Tracking has two products in the traceability area. Produce Scan allows users to receive, pack, repack, and ship product from their facilities while maintaining correct inventories and traceability throughout their facilities.

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