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Is US Russet potato supply down across the country?

While local Washington potatoes seem to have settled into a crop-size similar to 2016’s, suspicions are across the country that the Russet potato supply is down somewhat. “We grow close to the same every year–we might switch it up between the colours–but we’re hearing that acreages across the country are down somewhat,” says Dale Hayton of Valley Pride Northwest Produce in Mount Vernon, Wa, who adds that the Washington market is starting about a week late this year thanks to a wet planting season. “Particularly the Russets—we’re hearing those acres are off a pretty significant number.” Russet potatoes are the highest volume item in the potato category. “But that tightening of supply really helps the other potatoes in the rest of the category,” says Hayton. Hayton thinks there are a few reasons to the smaller supply this year of Russets. More

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