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Meet the makers of Idaho’s biggest potatoes

Chris and Sharolyn Schofield in front of the giant potato they built for the Idaho Potato Commission’s Great Big Idaho Potato Truck. The Weiser, Idaho, couple is building a replacement potato for the truck.   Chris and Sharolyn Schofield have carved a unique niche in the art world — making colossal sculptures of Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes. Though the Weiser couple has thus far avoided the spotlight, their creations are recognized nationwide. Tens of thousands of onlookers witness the dropping of their giant, glowing potato in downtown Boise each New Year’s Eve. And the 6-ton spud they created for the Idaho Potato Commission’s Great Big Idaho Potato Truck has traveled about 150,000 miles, visiting 7,200 cities while promoting the Idaho brand. The Schofields — founders of Schofield Design — are building their fourth giant potato. It is a replacement for the IPC’s original oversized traveling tuber. The IPC introduced the truck in 2011 to celebrate its 75th anniversary, planning on a single tour but keeping it on the road ever since, based on its popularity. More

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