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Italy: New potato variety is rich in vitamins A and E

La patata d'oro ricchissima di vitamina A ed E (fonte: Mark Failla) © AnsaPatata d’oro” is finally here: the red skinned potato has a bright yellow flesh colour thanks to 3 bacterial genes, as well as a high vitamin A and E content that remains unaltered during cooking, as proven by tests carried out on a simulator of the human digestive system. As described in ‘Plos One’ magazine, it could be very good against diseases caused by the lack of these vitamins, especially in poorer countries. The research lasted ten years and was conducted in the Enea alla Casaccia laboratories near Rome under the supervision of the Ministry for Agricultural Policy and European Commission and with the collaboration of the Bologna Consiglio per le ricerche agricole ed economiche (CREA) and Ohio University. According to the researchers, “the genes of the Erwinia herbicola bacteria were inserted into its dna, which led to an increase in vitamin A and E levels. It was a pleasant surprise, as we had only done so to increase beta-carotene levels.” More. Report in Italian language

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