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Smart panels and irrigation monitoring: A perfect pair

grower and dealer with smart panelWhy pair up smart panels and irrigation monitoring? Well, in short, it’s the same reason any pair is formed – to help consumers save resources by increasing product efficiency. If you want a better idea of how smart panels fit into the picture, maybe the best thing to do is to take a look at some other “smart” technologies on the market. We have smartphones, smart cars and smart homes. These things help save time, gasoline, energy and so much more. So, why not do the same thing with irrigation monitoring? After you’ve finished the maintenance and planning stages, it’s finally time to start irrigating. When the machine is in operation, the focus shifts to monitoring. You’ll end up driving out to the field multiple times a day to check on the center pivot. Is it still moving? Is the water still flowing? Surely, there must be an easier way to handle irrigation monitoring? Well, there is. Enter: the smart panel. By installing a smart panel or other web-based technology on your center pivot, you can rest easy. More

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