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Bioinsecticide a sustainable solution for organic control of insects

Image result for BioCeres®WP – Biological MycoinsecticideBioCeres WP is an insect-pathogenic bioinsecticide that makes use of the Beauveria bassiana fungus. This fungus strain is naturally occurring in Canada. BioCeres WP is approved for organic production in North America and is said to be perfectly suited for use in IPM programs as a tank mix with other pesticides as well as in specific, stand-alone uses. The fungus used is found naturally in soil and attacks several species of invertebrates. According to the manufacturers of BioCeres WP, BioSafe Systems, this product sticks to insects’ cuticle (outer shell) and the resulting infection causes death. The repressive effect is generally noticed after 7 days and pests will not develop any resistance to the fungus. BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips and can be used in a wide range of crops, including potatoes, as well as ornamental plants and edibles. More. Watch video

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