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Potato Market Update: Lay of the land in Canada

Related imageIn an interview with Spudsmart magazine, the general manager of the United Potato Growers of Canada (UPGC), Kevin MacIsaac, says that J.R. Simplot’s $40 million processing plant expansion plans in Manitoba province will have a big impact on the industry and is “fantastic news for Manitoba growers”. As for Canada’s potato storage holdings on Feb. 1, he says that there isn’t a surplus of potatoes on the fresh side, and “based on the pricing that we see in most areas, we are matched very well in terms of the fresh sector.” However, he notes that “there’s a lot less seed then we’ve seen in other years.” He isn’t concerned about a potential seed potato shortage though. MacIsaac points out that potatoes have been moving from storages into the marketplace at a good clip throughout most of the winter. The quality of potatoes still in storage is generally holding up very well. The pricing picture for potatoes as spring approaches is excellent, he says. More

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