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Potato blight app explained

Image result for late blight potatoDuring last week’s NPPGA Research Reporting Conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Extension Potato Agronomist Dr Andy Robinson explained the the NDAWN Potato Blight App to attendees. “The purpose of this application is to provide late blight and early blight severity values for potato growers in North Dakota and surrounding areas on their phones,” he said. “The keys for this app to work is entering in emergence and row closure dates for each field and having an NDAWN (North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network) located nearby. The NDAWN weather station captures the weather data that is used in the models for predicting favorable days for late blight and early blight.” Alerts for late blight and early blight can be turned on and off. Additionally, the NDSU Potato Blightline will be sent as popup notifications through the app. The app features current weather from each NDAWN station. The NDAWN Potato Blight App is an application for iOS and android. Links to install the app can be found at

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