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Potato-derived prebiotic shows insulin resistance benefits in Canadian study

Earl McLaren, co-founder of MSPrebiotics, said his company's prebiotic ingredient is dervied from a special type of potato. MSPrebiotics Inc photo.A recent study conducted in Canada demonstrates a potato-derived resistant starch showed positive results in lowering insulin resistance in elderly subjects. The starch, branded as MSPrebiotic, was developed by a company that goes by the same name (an ‘s’ at the end), which was the outgrowth of a family potato farming operation. It’s a familiar story of innovation in looking for value added health ingredients from an agricultural feedstock. “We started in the 1980’s as a potato operation, Derek McLaren, vice president of MSPrebitotics Inc. in Manitoba, Canada, told NutraIngredients-USA. “As we developed the business we got more interested in digestion resistant starch, and we extracted this one from a specific variety of potato.” 

In 1980, brothers Earl and Derek McLaren partnered to begin a business farming potatoes on their family farm near Carberry in Manitoba.  As their experience grew and operations expanded, scientific studies linking digestion resistant starch ‘prebiotics’ to gut health began to emerge.  Prebiotics are fermentable substances in food that promote health through beneficial changes in the gut microbiome.  Earl and Derek continued potato farming until 2002, when they bought a manufacturing facility and began their journey towards providing the highest quality prebiotic. More

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