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UK: ADAS developing ‘Crop Intelligent Systems’ using satellite data to monitor arable crops

Image result for satellite crop monitoringThe amount of crop information being collected remotely using satellites is increasing. As a result, there is great potential to use this data to improve our understanding of how crops develop in individual fields over time which could be used to improve crop protection and performance. ADAS are working with partners to develop a ‘Crop Intelligence System’, which translates remotely sensed information into reliable and useful information about crops for farmers and agronomists. The ambition is to provide a “dashboard” for crop growth giving field scale information on the availability and capture of the key crop inputs – light and water. By monitoring and forecasting crop progress the system should support farmers in making optimal crop management decisions. Read full article by Daniel Kindred. Also: Read more about the ADAS Digital initiative here, and full details of ADAS digital services can be found on the ADAS Digital webpageIf you would like to know more about ADAS Digital, please contact Lucy Wilson:

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