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Caught in the act: Potato Virus Y rapid tests provide results within minutes

Related imagePotato Virus Y is commonly found in potato crops, and is regarded by many experts as one of the most damaging potato viruses, owing to its damaging effect on quality and the yield of a crop. Most common symptoms seen in the field will be due to secondary (tuber-borne) infection and include stunting, leaf mottling, crinkling, yellowing and necrosis. Current-season infection usually has mild symptoms or none at all. Many growers, crop consultants and inspectors will be familiar with the symptoms of PVY. However, getting a definitive confirmation of the presence of Potato Virus Y is important. Catching the virus before it becomes a bigger problem is something every grower should be focused on. The best way of getting a confirmation of the presence of PVY is via diagnosis. This can be achieved by sending samples to an approved laboratory for testing. However, laboratory methods can be time-consuming and take days or weeks. So, a fast alternative is to use a Potato Virus Y rapid test. These tests are said to provide in-field results in a matter of minutes.

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