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British trials show water conservation product can improve potato yields

Image result for H2Flo potatoTrials have proven that using a water conservation agent can significantly increase potato yields, which could bring in an extra £1,100 per hectare while reducing irrigation water use by approximately 25%. These results come at a key time for the agricultural industry as many growers look to consider how they can reduce water consumption and improve farm efficiency. One farmer who has experienced the benefits of a water conservation agent first hand, is Norfolk based Tim Papworth. He said: “We applied H2Flo to a block of Royal potatoes, mixed with our standard blight spray, and left an adjacent block untreated, on a well-drained sandy loam area of one of our farms near North Walsham.” The final digs on Tim’s farm showed that the treated plot yielded at a higher level that the untreated site, with an increase of 11 tonnes from 61.45 t/ha to 72.63 t/ha. Dr Richard Collins, ICL technical sales manager, said: “This improvement in productivity could directly improve farm profits by over £1000 per hectare and can be attributed to the way in which H2Flo works. More

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