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UK: 2018 earlies planting significantly hampered by weather

Related imageAdverse weather conditions have hindered planting progress in Jersey with the Royal Jersey Company currently estimating that their season will run around 3 weeks behind schedule. Conditions on the slopes which are used for outdoor planting (known as côtils) have been challenging with a combination of frozen ground earlier in the month and rainfall delaying planting progress. As of 19 March 56% of the export crop was planted with the Royal Jersey Company stating that this is the furthest behind it has been in 10 years. The fate of crops that have already emerged is also under question. The Royal Jersey Company reported that frost damage was widespread in the earliest crops. The undesirable conditions in Jersey are not an isolated case and earlies planting across the UK has also suffered setbacks. Anecdotal reports of planting in Cornwall have put progress significantly behind previous years with wet weather continuing to hamper efforts. More

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