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The new gig economy: Enter the age of Big Data-driven drones, ‘agro-preneurs’, ‘Uberized’ agriculture, and ’boutique’ food delivery systems

 In an insightful article entitled How the gig economy can transform farms in the developing world, the World Economic Forum says: “For truly modern agriculture, we need to look to the skies. Because that’s where drone technology will work its magic. Drones will have a particularly powerful impact in the developing world, whose mostly smallholder farmers face enormous challenges producing quality food and selling it for a decent price.” Drones are reshaping agriculture. Drones could make farming easier and more profitable for those who still work the land, and even attract youth back from the city. These young people will increasingly see themselves not as farmers, but as agricultural entrepreneurs, or tech-savvy “agro-preneurs”. “Uberized” agriculture would empower farmers to take orders direct from consumers and dispatch them instantaneously. Big Data-driven drone systems can seamlessly integrate agricultural production and consumption, significantly reducing waste. a “boutique” food delivery system could work via an app that delivers customer orders to farmers and tracks the drone delivery. Read the full article

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