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Nuffield Scholar: ‘Changing times across the British potato industry’

Rufus Pilgrim has seen the potato industry revolution that has taken place during his past 25 years, and has been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 2016 to research the sector’s future, he has travelled the world to better understand the UK growers’ platform for expansion in potatoes. During a recent interview with Farmers Guardian’s Abby Kellett, he said it is vital that supply chain relationships are positive and profitable. They need to inspire and build confidence for investment in the next generation of technology and people. “Volatility has created instability and stifled opportunities.” Across the broader potato industry, there is evidence that times are changing, Rufus said. “Traditionally the domain of the processors, supply contracts are becoming common practice for a wider element of the fresh sector. The previous two expensive seasons highlighting the exposure of the open market. Anecdotally there seems greater uptake by fresh growers, keen not be left out and looking to get some stability into their returns.” Full report

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